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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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of justice. at a staff with disabled that will not accommodate other forms of transportation. catching the bus with confidential personnel documents a peace officer confidential paperwork. and meeting timelines it would be an inefficiencies and it's not simply not doable with the staff that we have. it's a small staff. we've look at other deliver but the documents are confidential and my staff has gone through a background check and what other office do doesn't work for our
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office. it's not just a daily trip to the hall of justice but engaging in community outreach, providing brochures and very importantly we have a staff of 16 field investigators, 3 senior investigators who got out in the field with the vehicle. and conduct investigations so that is why we need our vehicles >> all right. can i suggest something. we can talk about this next week why don't we save this conversation >> i've not had one word why to replace a 50 thousand mile vehicle not one statement has been made by getting a brand new
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vehicle but if the department can provided us with some documentation why it's sufficient to replace this vehicle we'll take into account that. >> there was a second part chairperson with regard to attrition and leaving money on the table. the occ has never left money on the table. with regards to the 50 thousand miles we could drive this vehicle by the way, there's the 12 year limitation. if we can get a limitation we can keep the vehicle we were attempting to comply
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>> i have a feeling we'll get this resolved. >> colleagues any questions. >> i do in this report it says that this doesn't require that 12-year-old vehicle bebe replaced by the instantaneously be implemented. so i'm concerned this statement is not entirely accurate and i know we're going to get into a discussion but i don't think there was a need for an exemption in this case >> okay colleagues unless there's no other questions? any other questions? >> along with the police department budget typically i asked for you see 3 classes that
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are being proposed for the next 2 fiscal year but i know we actually have, you know, there's plans for the howard classes and there's the realty e reality of it and if there's any savings we can find for configuring the start dates and based on reality are we able to achieve and as well as it would be good if the controller can come back with a report so with he can actually see the report on the amount for the class we're seeing and have that broken down so we can make choices. it would be good to consider before the committee >> we are on time and on
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schedule hiring what we need. part of the reason we got so what the fix we're in we started the late classes and there were no classes in the next fiscal year. we keep going up and down we're on time and on schedule so we can get the full staffing by 2018 >> supervisor mary. >> yeah, the sworn hiring planning plan to get up to december 2018 to the one through 9 hundred and 18 it would be good to see how the academy classes will be helping to get up to the amount so more data on that would be appreciated.
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as supervisor avalos said i would like to know the cost savings but if you could justify the 33 it looks like it going to 2 academy classes no, it's 3 then it goes to 2 actually forever because that matches up with the annual attrition >> thank you. i just want to support what the chief has just said. i like the committee and the member of the board i have some significant priorities in terms of the budget. it's always attempting to eliminates the classes if you francisco cut a class i think it's $4 million so it's tempting
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but it's what we've done for a lot of years we're paying the piper. our department is 3 hundred short even with the recent academy classes we're treading water with the retirements. we don't have enough traffic enforcement in the city. and we see a spike in robberies. we don't have enough officers walking beats. and i have folks tell me i can't have the officers on the beat because i don't have enough officers. we can't get the officers on board and on the streets and fighting crime we can't get. on
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staff fast enough. i know it's easy to a say let's delay this b that will save us money and we grab that money for other important needs. but we're going in a bad place in terms of police staffing and if we don't stay committed we're going to get in a worse place. we've seen no oakland it hurts everyone when not enough police officers are on the beat. >> okay colleagues any other questions at this time. okay. thank you >> supervisor i'm happy to give you what a class costs and their stalgd and there's savings. okay thank you chief and
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department staff for being here today arrest moving on we're going to hear from our senior administrator and development authority. i i know many kelly is here and treasure islands wants to go first. terror island first? okay >> good morning supervisor director of violence operations. as you know the mission of treasure i'd like to to manage the base and through that development process to create housing and job opportunities. including assuring job opportunities for the
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disadvantaged. annoy during u during this period tied is also responsible for the municipal services. to pay for the costs associated with development and operations we generate money including housing and commercial space now before i review this. i would like to discuss how the sources of income has changed. as supervisor bred knows our primary source of income has changed. indeed consider my first budget. we had the commercial at the $350,000 next year we plan to exceed this by 3 million.
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we focused our attentions to the reuse of vacant property. we have more start ups that call treasure island their home. made in san francisco is certainly happening on ti. also
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. we also created bike baselines we had thirty near graduates and we naturally electric stations. and we have direct sponsorship
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programs. now to next year's budget the focus on the coming months is the agreement with the navy. and, of course, oversight of the navy's organization is priority. that he continue to focus on the services for our residents. we project 8.7 million from our housing and 3 pointed 1 from housing. on the cost side our expenses are working order driven. our contracts includes professional services with landscaping services and janitoral services. each of which provide employment
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opportunity to disadvantaged san franciscans. on our contract they include the operation of our give him managed by ymca. and we have a childcare development center. we have culturally sensitive services. the operations and development work orders to the city for administration services. we have great street paving. our fire department budget is covered for this and we want to
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staff an online clinic. the objective of our focus year 2014 revenues are anticipated to decrease as we move through the second half of the fiscal year and proceeded to the waterfront. we anticipate expenses will be lower mainly on city work orders. despite our challenges we are more diverse. there is no remedies so i seek our approval for the next year's budget >> any questions at this time colleagues? >> thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> good morning supervisors unanimous only i have less than 10 slides for you. as we're getting the slides up. my first line is a quick chart of the divisions that are part of the administration family. four of those
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. one .6 million for the city capital reannuls and repairs. you can also see for fiscal year our program need meets the operational needs. we have the city hall generate fund and we have money for roof
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repair. we have increased leases for some of our divisions as you know, we just passed a board resolution for the law library. we have the forensics crime lab and there's other operational impacts. we have the shop budget is increased to include the vehicles equipment and repair. this is not an increase in cost we're not spiking our fuel costs just reflecting the budget to what we spend. our risk management operation the budget has grown to increased insurance premium rates over an average of 20 percent and grants for the budget
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willing to go through each of those divisions with you. our next slide shows our fiscal year for fiscal year 2014 and 13
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in the real estate division through the d hr process and labor arbitration we converted our temporary positions to permanent positions. and there's 3 management positions that remain from the administrators budget. and we have a net of 3.1 positions. in the office of immigrant foyers we have a translator which pursuant to the x this is a brand new position when you have a population over 10 thousand people that speaks a certain language should have a translator on staff. and then for fiscal year 2014
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and 15 this is to staff the public safety building online in 2014. the customs - the major initiatives, you know, revitalizing community and producing jobs we are the ones that sign the mid market payroll exemptions that he looking forward to signing a position for the construction workforce advisory committee that is making recommendations working in conjunction with supervisor
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avalos with the local higher percentage and the local business enterprise. as you know last year the contract monitoring it was from the human rights commission and we're going strong with the legislation on local business enterprises and making sure the small businesses are doing work in san francisco >> excuse me. supervisor mary. >> i want to thank you for juging so many items. i want to say that i'm appreciative to the translator position but we're going required to do more in many of the groups that serve immigrant
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communities feel there's a need for much, much more. i see a lot of additions to the real estate division positions but i had a question of the labor standards enforcement. some of the staff that deals with the vulnerable neighborhoods there's a position that's been vacant i'm not sure for how long but it's a 22 line officer that works with employers to make sure the low income folks is vacant >> we're working diligently with my planning is to have to get that position filled and it's going through our h.r. filing process.
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>> thank you. >> any other
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. after our first responders are done what do we do to make sure our city it vibrant to getting us back on line and earthquake safety prelims is part of that, too. our next slide is the jobs that are we think will come out of those. we think this will create jobs for the homeless and by developing community gardens and
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abating graffiti and maintaining streets. i should menace the program we hired thirty local people to jobs and to train and to mitigate community tensions by uncomfortable public safety in district 10. the mayor interim program we're going to pick up jobs. and then i mentioned the mid community agreement to hire the phone calls from the community and providing interimship. i don't have the figures yet >> last it our language assess.
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as you know the g a immigrant affairs compliant and provides technical resources for all departments and improves the access with folks with limited language proficiency. we monitor bilingual at 60 public events including the town hall and commission meetings. they've translated hundreds of documents and assisted folks in disastrous situation. we have provided assistance and that is for the interpretation.
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and the he - that concludes my presentation >> do you have any comments on the discussion i understand the discussion with the budget analyst are ongoing. >> yes we're going to work with the budget analyst this next week. >> mr. rose. >> nope hold on supervisor bred. >> thank you for your presentation you and i have had discussions in the past. i really have some southerners and according to the proposed plan in the budget we're looking at increasing the arts funding by close to a million dollars. i have numbers that indicate a significant amount of the grant
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funding that comes from the grant to the arts it not being given to diverse contingency. they were providing grants and they receive a considerably los less amount than grand city arts and they support a lot of art organizations. i know you all are working on with the budget analyst on trying to come up with ways to deal with the second degree murder kits to your departments but i would like to have is a clear understanding of the diversity of the current frundz
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the grant city arts an established track record of a level of equity to make sure i'm seeing accurate information regarding how the grants for the arts program is actually aiding and abetting diversity in order to justify increasing their budget >> i think kari is here would you like to address that issue? >> and just for a prospective of numbers this is data there's data that's been distributed in the arts around and i've not been able